I'll Make up for Everything

Gestos by Pedro Strukelj © SoloLetrasDeCanciones.com
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Promises are easily made,
Sometimes they're not sincere,
But I'm making this one from the heart,
And I'll keep it too, my dear

I'll make up for ev'rything the world has done to you,
I'll make ev'ry little dream you ever dreamed come true.
I won't ever give you cause to shed another tear
Just when things aren't going right, you'll find me near.

We'll share all the rainy days that fate may have in store,
Laugh a lot, and darling what is more
You will find the peace of mind that happiness can bring,
For I'll make up for ev'ry thing.

Autor(es): Parker, Ross

Gestos by Pedro Strukelj © SoloLetrasDeCanciones.com

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